Tue. May 30th, 2023

In India, a man killed his girlfriend and saved her body parts in a refrigerator

New Delhi (Monitoring Desk) Another brutal incident like the brutal murder of a girl named Shraddha Walker took place in India. According to India Times, in this incident, a ruthless man killed his girlfriend and dismembered her body and kept them in a freezer in Hyderabad, the capital of Telangana state.

According to the report, the accused has been identified as B Chandra Mohan. The deceased and the accused were living together for a few years. He killed the girl, severed her head from the torso and dismembered the rest of the body and put them in a freezer while taking the girl’s head and throwing it on a rubbish heap.

The accused had mutilated the girl’s face so that she could not be identified. Garbage pickers saw the human head and informed the police, on which the investigation started and after several days of searching, the police managed to reach the accused and arrested him after finding the girl’s body from the freezer in his house. Pieces were also recovered.

According to the police, the deceased’s name was Y. Anuradha Reddy. She was living with the accused since 2018 after divorcing her husband. The accused had taken 7 lakh rupees from the victim in 2018, which she never returned. She said that she would get her money back anyway, on which the accused killed her.

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