Tue. May 30th, 2023

Gray hair is considered one of the obvious signs of aging, but not everyone is happy to see it, especially if it appears early.

Just as some people begin to show gray hair after their thirties, it is not unusual for it to appear after their twenties, especially if there is a family history of dark hair.

However, if your hair is graying earlier than your family, environmental and lifestyle factors play a role, which are as follows.

Too much stress
The link between stress and gray hair has been much debated by medical experts and some reports have even proven the link. According to a New York University study, stress causes a decrease in the number of cells in the hair roots.

Medical problem
In some cases, there has been a link between premature graying of hair and thyroid disease. Autoimmune diseases that attack the skin and hair can also cause graying of hair. If the cells are attacked, they turn white.

Vitamin deficiency
Another reason is vitamin B12 deficiency, there are many factors that put you in the zone, such as being limited to eating only vegetables, using birth control drugs or gastrointestinal problems, however if the cause of vitamin B12 is hair loss. If it is turning white, it means that there is lack of blood in the body.

Another possible reason is smoking as this habit is worst for skin and hair. A study found a link between smoking and graying of hair before the age of thirty. It is not possible to come but still this habit affects the hair cells.

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