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Police say there are indications of an attack planned for “Islamic extremist purposes” in Vienna, but no further details are available.

Vienna: Threat of attacks on churches, police increase patrols
Vienna: Threat of attacks on churches, police increase patrols


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Police in the Austrian capital, Vienna, informed citizens on Wednesday that patrols had been increased in the city as a precautionary measure in view of threats of attacks on churches.

In a statement posted on Twitter, the police said that Austria’s Directorate of Public Security had received indications of an attack being planned for “Islamic extremist purposes” in Vienna and therefore “at this time you have a large number of police officers”. will be seen patrolling with special equipment.”

Police spokesperson Marcus Dietrich told Radio Van that the patrol officers have been provided with bulletproof helmets and vests as well as assault rifles. He said that these officials have been given the responsibility of monitoring the city and checking the traffic on the roads.

Police said in a statement on Twitter that the possible threat of an attack on churches is “non-specific”, meaning that not all information is currently available. Police say increased patrols are a common safety measure to avert this potential threat. The statement also emphasized that citizens should not share videos and photos of police personnel and rumors related to the operation.

The police said in its statement that it has not been decided yet how long the additional security measures will be in force in the city. Regarding this, the spokesman of the Archdiocese of Vienna, Michael Proller, said in a statement given to the news agency The Associated Press that it does not seem that Catholic churches will be the main target of this possible attack.

“It doesn’t seem like it will affect us fundamentally. The police have informed us of the threat but also said there is no immediate threat to Catholics,” he said.

He said that for now in the Archdiocese of Vienna it has been decided to keep all churches open to the public and church services to continue as scheduled. Local media reports are saying that Christian residents belonging to the Syrian community may be targeted in this possible attack.

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