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Almost everyone has experienced bad breath in their lifetime, but for some people, bad breath is a daily problem, it is a serious and complex problem that we never even know about because our breath. It is very difficult to smell.

One in five people complains of bad breath, some of you may not be aware of bad breath and your friends, relatives may know about it and you may feel disgusted or embarrassed. May have to.

Bad breath (as well as body odor) can negatively affect personal relationships and a person’s quality of life.

This problem often occurs when we don’t brush our mouth after dinner and particles get stuck in the teeth after eating and bacteria starts growing in the mouth overnight or bad breath even after drinking coffee or taking a nap. It is born

What causes bad breath?

Bad breath is usually caused by bacteria on the teeth and tongue, poor hygiene, gum disease such as gingivitis and not drinking enough water throughout the day or having a dry mouth can also cause bad breath.

Liver or kidney disease and diabetes can also cause bad breath.

In these cases, a dentist must be consulted for a check-up to find out the real problem.

How to get rid of bad breath?
Here are some helpful tips to improve bad breath:

1. Oral hygiene

Brush your teeth at least twice a day with a fluoride toothpaste, not only that, but cleaning your tongue along with your teeth is extremely important.

Rinse with mouthwash before going to bed.

2. Take help with mint or coriander

If you are at an event and are bothered by bad breath, chewing mint or coriander leaves can help relieve the problem.

These leaves do not clean the teeth but their aroma suppresses bad breath, this method is very effective but it is effective for a short time.

3. Look at the diet

Certain foods are known to cause bad breath, so an easy way to avoid this problem is to avoid them.

Avoid foods that are highly acidic or high in sugar, as both encourage bacterial growth.

If you want to get rid of bad breath immediately, eat an apple or some curd, and also avoid smoking.

4. Cloves are also helpful

Cloves contain eugenol, an oil that has antibacterial properties.

To get its benefits, chew a clove in your mouth and roll it on your tongue, when the oil fills your mouth, spit out the clove.

5. Water and water

Want to get rid of bad breath in 10 seconds or less? So drink water from the skin. A common cause of bad breath is dry mouth. Slow saliva production can lead to bacterial growth that causes bad breath.

This is the reason that the breath is very bad when you wake up in the morning, so drinking water after waking up or drinking adequate amount of water throughout the day can prevent this problem.

However, you can get rid of bad breath by trying these remedies, but do not forget to consult a doctor.

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