Tue. May 30th, 2023

A man secretly married a second time in lockdown, the first wife came to know about it…

New Delhi (Monitoring Desk) In India, a man stole his wife and got married again during the outbreak of Corona virus and when the wife came to know, there was such a settlement between the two that you will be stunned to hear. According to India Times, the man hails from the state of Haryana and works as a software engineer in Gurugram. In 2018, he married a 28-year-old girl named Seema, a resident of Gwalior. The two had a son when the coronavirus outbreak broke out.

Seema was staying with her parents in Gwalior these days and stayed there due to the lockdown while her husband was alone in Gurugram. During this time, the man started having an affair with one of his colleagues and after a few months they both started living together and then got married in 2020. By the time Seema came to know about her husband’s second marriage after the outbreak subsided, her husband and Sutan had become parents to a daughter.

On learning of her husband’s second marriage, Seema was very angry and went back to Gwalior and registered a case against her husband. On the court’s orders, the two started counselling, during the counseling sessions, Seema agreed not to seek divorce and to tolerate her husband’s abuse.

It was agreed between the two that the man would keep his two wives in two separate apartments and stay with them three days a week, while on Sunday he would enjoy his life alone. According to the report, now the three husband and wife are living a happy life under the same time division.

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