Wed. Jun 7th, 2023

A tourist family was attacked with swords and daggers in Goa

New Delhi (Monitoring Desk) A tourist family was attacked with swords and daggers in the Indian coastal tourist city of Goa. According to India Times, the victim’s family belongs to the capital New Delhi. Justin Sharma and his family were attacked by five goons. Justin Sharma suffered the most injuries.

Justin Sharma suffered multiple cuts on his arms, chest, stomach and legs. Another person’s hand was seriously injured by a sword. The suspects fled the scene before the police arrived. The police shifted the injured to hospital where Justin Sharma was stitched up with hundreds of stitches all over his body.

It has been reported that the police later arrested 4 accused, but released them after registering a case against them under section 324. These horrific scenes can be seen in the video that surfaced of the incident. The goons attack Justin Sharma and the women accompanying Sharma are screaming.

Justice Sharma later said through social media that he was attacked by local goons and the police released him after registering a case under Section 324 instead of 307. The names of the accused were also not recorded in the FIR. The accused were released by the police because they belong to a political party.

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