Tue. Jun 6th, 2023

American soldier cried while witnessing the massacre in Afghanistan, heartbreaking…

Washington (Monitoring Desk) An American soldier cried while testifying in the US House of Representatives (Congress) about the massacres in Afghanistan. According to the British Broadcasting Corporation, former Marine Sergeant Tyler Vargas-Andrews wept before Congress and told how the smell of human blood and flesh could be smelled under the smoke of the bombs.

Describing the US withdrawal from Afghanistan as disastrous, Tyler Vargas said, “I think there was a lack of accountability that cannot be justified.” A lot of blood was shed on the manner in which America left Afghanistan. Two suicide bombers attacked gatherings of Afghan civilians, and then screams of children, women and men echoed around Kabul’s airport.

Tyler Vargas was also injured in a bomb attack and lost an arm that had to be replaced. “I see the faces of all those people, whom we could not save,” he said. Those people were left behind. I wonder if our Afghan allies ran to safety or were killed by the Taliban.”

According to the report, Republican members of the US House of Representatives promised to investigate the withdrawal from Afghanistan. Now these investigations have started and the testimony of this ex-US soldier has been recorded in connection with the same investigations. Apart from this, the statements of several witnesses were recorded. More hearings are also expected in the House of Representatives in the coming days.

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