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Pakistani army and landlords have looted the country together. Whenever the people tried to change this system, military generals like Zia-ul-Haq crushed the people by raising the slogan of Islam.

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Pakistan crisis


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Pakistan has become a joke. Just think, a few days ago the police of the country reached the house of former Prime Minister Imran Khan to arrest him. Imran ran away from home to avoid his arrest. It happens that the former Prime Minister of the country runs away to avoid arrest. But two days after the incident, Imran announced that his party would hold a historic rally in Lahore for the upcoming assembly elections in Punjab, which would be attended by lakhs of people. In other words, the market for political upheaval is hot in Pakistan. Imran is on one side and Nawaz family and army are on the other side. Meanwhile, the economic conditions of the country are getting worse. According to news, flour is being sold for Rs.300 per kg in some parts of the country. Everyone is aware that the prices of daily commodities like electricity, water, petrol, diesel, sugar, rice in the country have not only skyrocketed but are also not available. The government is poor. Notes are being printed to distribute salaries which have no value in the market. Now wipe some tears if you get loan from IMF.

In this 21st century, the conditions of African countries are not as bad as the conditions of Pakistan. But why and how all this happened! The world is aware that the army is responsible for the destruction of Pakistan, which has not allowed democracy to flourish in the country. Not only this, the power of the country is still with the army in the true sense. The army makes whoever it wants as prime minister and removes him whenever it wants. This is what happened to Imran Khan. Imran was previously a favorite of the army and everyone knew that it was the army that brought him to power. But a few months ago, the army got angry with Imran and now they are ready to send him to jail. This is the story of Pakistani democracy from Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto to Imran Khan. The army impaled Bhutto. Then she brought in Nawaz Sharif, but soon became angry with him and had to go into exile. Now the same spectacle is going on with Imran Khan. In a politically stable country, the prime minister is not changed day by day at the will of such an army. But in Pakistan, this is the trend of the day. Obviously, in a country where the Prime Minister dances on the toes of the army, he will work for the interests of the army and not for the development of the country.

After all, what is the interest of the army! The interest of the army is that the supremacy of the army remains in the Pakistani system. So that’s it. Pakistani army dominates not only the political system of the country but also the economic system of the country. According to Pakistani scholar Ayesha Siddiqa, the Pakistani army controls all the important trade of the country. That is, the army there is the largest industrial complex of the country. The question is, what is the point that the army in Pakistan is so influential and powerful that even the Prime Minister of Pakistan cannot take a single step in the country without its will.

In fact, the strength and influence of Pakistan’s army was laid at the time of the establishment of the country. Pakistan came into existence in 1947. Its existence was due to the Muslim landlord class of undivided India who feared the Hindu majority in independent India. The basis of his fear was not only that Hindus would be in the majority in independent India which would block the progress of Muslims, but the pro-Pakistan Muslim leadership also feared a modern and secular independent India. Because the zamindari system had to end in modern India. So, to avoid this danger, this landed Muslim class partitioned India under the leadership of Muslim League and Muhammad Ali Jinnah. Now, when Pakistan was established in 1947, the main interest of this zamindari class was to somehow continue the zamindari system in the country. This cannot be possible in a democratic system. Because democracy rests on the people’s vote. Obviously, the majority of Pakistanis could not benefit from the Zamindari system. That is why the Pakistani landlord class joined hands with the army and did not allow democracy to flourish in the country. From Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto to Imran Khan, if any Prime Minister became popular in the country, then the government was overturned and the army took over the power of the country or else a puppet like Shahbaz Sharif was enthroned. Thus the Pakistani system has been dominated by the landlords since its inception and the army has become a means of maintaining this dominance.

Now it is known that Pakistani army and landlords have looted the country together. Whenever the people tried to change this system, military generals like Zia-ul-Haq crushed the people by raising the slogan of Islam. In this way, under the guise of Islam and Jihad, the army and the shop of the landlords continued to operate, but no progress of any kind was made in the country. Sometimes the country was supported by America and sometimes by China. Finally, when these countries also pulled their hands, now there is no bread to eat and no water to drink in Pakistan. There are only a handful of soldiers and landlords enjoying themselves, the rest of the people are starving.

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