Wed. Jun 7th, 2023

Gunmen opened fire indiscriminately in the German city of Hamburg, killing around 7 people and injuring many others. Police say the attacker may still be inside the building, dead or alive

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Hamburg: Gunmen opened fire indiscriminately at a church in Germany, killing around 7 people and injuring many others. According to media reports, the shooting happened in the city of Hamburg in northern Germany. Police and medical teams reached the spot and performed relief and rescue operations. Police said on Twitter that several people were seriously injured, some even died. “There is still no reliable information about the motive for the crime,” he said, urging people not to speculate.

Police raised the alarm for a ‘serious threat’ in the area using the Disaster Alert app. A warning was also issued to people not to step out of their homes. Along with this, the police closed the road near the building targeted by the attacker. Officials said the culprit may be hiding in the building or may have died.

A police spokesman said a man was seen on top of the building, possibly the culprit. A program was being organized in this three-storey building on Thursday evening. The city’s mayor, Peter Chancher, expressed his condolences over the shooting on Twitter.

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