Sat. Jun 3rd, 2023

The marriage of a dog and a bitch in India, watching the video, anyone will be stunned

New Delhi (Monitoring Desk) A family in India organized the wedding ceremony of their dog and cat. According to India Times, all the rites of marriage of this dog and cat were performed like a marriage of a man and a woman. The groom brought the procession in an electric vehicle, while the bride left in a doli.

The bride i.e. Katia was dressed in a splendid wedding dress. Similarly, the dog was also fully groomed. A video of this unique wedding has been posted by a Twitter user named Hatinder Singh on his account which is rapidly going viral. In the video, the groom can be seen arriving in a children’s electric car with a child, who is dressed as a shah bala, while a woman carries the bride on her lap and brings her to the mandap dancing to the beat of a drum.

After wearing vermalas on the mandap, a doli is brought and the bride is seated in it and sent away. Dozens of guests participate in this wedding ceremony for whom food is arranged.

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