Tue. Jun 6th, 2023

A young Indian Airline staff member tied his arms with something like this…

Mumbai (Daily Pakistan Online) A young Indian Airlines employee was caught red-handed while smuggling gold from Bahrain.

According to the details, Shafi Sharaf, a member of the cabin crew, adopted a strange method to smuggle the gold. Coming from Bahrain, Shafi Sharaf had wrapped gold around the wrists of both his arms. Customs officials detained him on arrival at the airport. Shafi Sharaf had wrapped 1487 grams of gold around his arms while traveling from Bahrain.

The young man’s plan was to wrap gold around his wrists, cover the gold with his sleeve, and pass through the green channel of customs clearance reserved for travelers who do not have any luggage to clear customs. However, the Customs Commission was informed that a crew member of an Indian Airlines flight from Bahrain to Kochi was carrying gold illegally with him. Based on this information, Shafi Sharaf, who arrived at Kochi Airport, was arrested.

The accused had reached Kochi from Bahrain at 8:30 pm. However, the customs authorities searched and recovered the gold from him and arrested him, in less than 2 hours he was handed over to the security wing of customs.

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