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Inspired by the famous horror movie, 30 female students tried to communicate with the dead, then what…

New York (Web Desk) 30 students fainted in a school in Columbia trying to talk to the dead and get magical powers, who were immediately transferred to the hospital.

According to the foreign media, the details regarding the health of the students have not been revealed, however, the head of the school, Hugo Torres, confirmed that there has been an incident of the students fainting due to anxiety in the school. The parents have expressed their concerns saying that the girls had used a Ouija board in the classroom, we have to find out what is happening in the school because the children cannot continue with this kind of situation. It is best to go after breakfast, so it cannot be said that the girls fainted due to malnutrition.

Earlier, in November last year, a group of children fainted while playing on the Ouija board. It should be noted that the Ouija board was made in the United States in 1886, and there are various mysterious stories related to this board killing the dead. They can be summoned and interacted with and the user has invisible experiences. It is also worth noting that there is also a famous Hollywood horror film called Ouija, in which young boys and girls use boards. communicate with the dead using

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