Tue. May 30th, 2023

Protesters blocked the road, the Israeli Prime Minister had to be airlifted

Tel Aviv (Daily Pakistan Online) Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had to be airlifted to the country’s main international airport for a foreign visit on Thursday after a mob of vehicles and protesters prevented him from driving there. Stopped. The demonstrations were part of more than two months of nationwide protests against his controversial plan to overhaul the judiciary.

According to the Associated Press news agency, the protesters made blocking the road leading to Netanyahu’s airport a central part of the protest. The Israeli leader’s implementation of an alternative travel plan was hailed as a victory by the protesters.

Thursday’s disruptions also affected the visit of US Secretary of State Lloyd Austin, whose schedule was rearranged to keep his engagements closer to the airport. Demonstrators, marking the ‘Day of Resistance Against Dictatorship’, waved Israeli flags at the country’s main international airport and blocked the road with their vehicles.

Elsewhere, protesters blocked major intersections and clashed with police in the coastal city of Tel Aviv and other cities. A small flotilla of paddleboards and kayaks attempted to block a key maritime shipping lane off the northern city of Haifa. Some protesters blocked the Jerusalem offices of a conservative think tank that helps push for judicial reforms.

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