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The Women’s Association of the German Catholic Church and the development and support organization of the Catholic Bishops of Germany, ‘Mezierure’, have appealed to the German government to do everything possible to help women in Afghanistan.

'All possible means should be used to help Afghan women'
‘All possible means should be used to help Afghan women’


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This appeal was made by these institutions of the Catholic Church in Germany to the Berlin government on the occasion of International Women’s Day. These organizations have asked the federal German government to continue supporting the Afghan civilian population and to do everything possible to help women in particular. In this regard, emphasis has been placed on immediate assistance to address acute difficulties as well as long-term assistance in view of the dire situation of women in Afghanistan in particular.

Representatives of the Women’s Association of the German Catholic Church and Misereor, the development and aid organization of the German Catholic bishops, issued a statement on the occasion of this year’s International Women’s Day, which said, “During the Taliban regime in Afghanistan, Public lives are in ruins. We therefore welcome the German federal government’s decision to resume development projects.” Development projects to improve basic social infrastructure with and for women in Afghanistan were temporarily suspended in December. was

These two organizations of the Catholic Church added that no matter how strong the Taliban’s system of injustice appears in Afghanistan and no matter how difficult the task of helping the civilian population, help to Afghan citizens, especially women, and to all Afghans. Aid should come unconditionally.

Risks of hunger in women

Since December last year, women have been banned from working in government organizations in Afghanistan. As a result, women and girls, who can only be cared for by women, are no longer receiving adequate support. “The Taliban in Afghanistan have pushed women and their children to starvation by strictly ordering gender segregation,” says Anna Drucksmeier, a female expert on Afghan affairs associated with Miserior. “The Taliban, under pressure from the United Nations, have now lifted the ban on women working in humanitarian aid, but the reality is that these conditions have not changed.” When women are confined to the home and are only allowed to go out of public places or the home with a male escort, the risk of women not having access to medical care, education or other support is clearly increased. “It violates their rights on a massive scale,” adds Anna Drucksmeier. Widows, single parents or lone parents and women and girls, who are forced to flee internally, are particularly affected.”

Aid activities in Afghanistan

Misereor has been active in Afghanistan for over 50 years. The institute has been working with local partners on some projects for over 40 years. Currently, the 12 development and aid projects that are being worked on there are mainly related to health, education and economic sectors, for which seven million euros have been allocated.

One of Mezireor’s project partners in Afghanistan has stopped part of an education project, which the Taliban had only allowed for boys and men. On the other hand, ‘Mizier’ is trying to continue the work of promoting vocational training for women in the north of the country. The women in the northern region have bravely negotiated the project with the local Taliban.

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