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German Chancellor Olaf Schulz says that if China supplies Moscow with weapons for Russia’s war against Ukraine, there will be “consequences”. Scholes, however, expressed hope that Beijing would refrain from doing so.

If China hands over weapons to Russia, there will be 'consequences', German chancellor
If China hands over weapons to Russia, there will be ‘consequences’, German chancellor


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German Chancellor Olaf Schulz said this in an interview given to CNN news channel two days after his meeting with US President Joe Biden. US officials recently warned that China could reverse its previous stance and begin supplying Moscow with arms and ammunition.

Before his visit to Washington, Schulz urged Beijing to refrain from sending weapons to Moscow. Apart from this, he also pressured Russia to withdraw its forces from Ukraine.

When asked by CNN if China could consider sanctions if it helps Russia, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said, “I think there are consequences.” We will, but right now we are making it clear that this should not be the case and I am relatively optimistic that our application will be successful in this regard. But we have to consider it anyway and be very careful.”

No Evidence of Chinese Arms Supply, European Commission President

Germany is Europe’s largest economy and China has been its single largest trading partner in recent years. When European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen met Chancellor Schulz’s cabinet in Germany on Sunday, Olaf Schulz was then asked if he had been provided with concrete evidence by the US. That China is considering supplying Russia with weapons, and if Beijing did, would it support sanctions against China?

In response to this question, the German chancellor said, “We all agree that there should be no arms delivery and the Chinese government has also said that it will not provide any arms.”

“That is what we are demanding and monitoring,” added Olaf Schulz, who did not respond to a question about sanctions being imposed. European Commission President Ursula van der Leyen also said, “We don’t have any evidence of this so far, but we have to observe it every day.”

‘The question of imposing sanctions is currently hypothetical’

Ursula von der Leyen said that it is a hypothetical question whether the EU will impose sanctions against China over military aid to Russia by Beijing, and the question can only be answered if the possibility is real. Become

Speaking to the German parliament last Thursday, Chancellor Schulz demanded from China that Beijing “use its influence on Moscow to withdraw Russian troops from Ukraine and not provide Russia with any weapons.”

Then last Friday, Olaf Schulz also said that the Western alliance would support Ukraine ‘as far as possible’. He said that this is a very important year because peace is in grave danger due to Russia’s attack on Ukraine.

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