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A 15-year-old girl gave birth at home after watching a video on YouTube, but her mother…

Nagpur (Daily Pakistan Online) In India, a 15-year-old girl gave birth to her own child after watching videos on YouTube and later strangled her to death. After that she got pregnant.

According to the details, the girl started talking to a boy named Thakur on Instagram a few months ago and she used to spend most of her time on the phone, the girl did not even know his full name and address, due to which she did not know anything about him. Unable to divulge details, making it difficult for the police to investigate, Thakur always contacted the girl through messenger or voice calls and never used his mobile number, which led to her being traced. A mystery has been created.

More difficulties arose in the case when the girl’s mother came to know that the daughter was talking to a stranger on the phone, so the mother also broke the mobile phone in anger. After that, the girl started using her mother’s phone. And after talking, she used to delete the history from the mobile so as not to be caught. daughter was also pale, the girl tried to mislead the mother by saying that the bleeding was due to certain days but later she broke down and told her mother the whole story of how she gave birth to the baby girl. gave

The girl said that the sound of the girl’s crying could have alerted the neighbours, in view of which she strangled the girl with a belt until she became silent, and put her in a bag in the verandah. The girl’s mother immediately took her daughter to the hospital, where the doctors informed the police, the female police officer immediately reached the hospital and started investigating the matter.

Police said the man, Thakur, had vouched for the girl and assured her that they were now friends. Thakur once took her to his friend’s house, where he made her drink and forced himself on her. Dia, the girl used to keep the pads used on certain days with her all the time to deceive her mother, the neighbors expressed concern after seeing the growing belly of the girl, but the girl made the excuse of certain days.

The police say that efforts are being made to find the accused by taking the help of cyber security personnel, but nothing is clear. The police have started the process by registering a case.

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