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China is Germany’s biggest trading partner and if China decides to send arms to Russia, there could be more problems for Berlin.

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US President Joe Biden and German Chancellor Olaf Schulz vowed on Friday to continue to impose costs on Russia for the war in Ukraine. Providing arms will increase sanctions.

A senior administration official said Biden and Schulz met privately in the Oval Office for more than an hour. Their conversation focused on the importance of continued “global solidarity” with the Ukrainian people and ongoing efforts to provide security, humanitarian, economic and political support to Ukraine.

Sitting next to Schulz in the Oval Office, Biden thanked the German leader for his “strong and stable leadership” and support for Ukraine. Schulz said it was important to show that allies would support Kiev “as long as and as long as necessary.”

It should be noted that German Chancellor Schulz, while addressing the German parliament on Thursday, demanded from China that “you use your influence on Moscow to pressurize the withdrawal of the Russian army. And do not supply weapons to aggressor Russia.”

Meanwhile, White House national security spokesman John Kirby also said on Thursday that the United States has not yet seen any indication that Beijing has reached a decision to send weapons to Russia. But such a move would likely prolong the Russian war in Ukraine, which has already been going on for more than a year. Due to the different positions of Germany and the US regarding Beijing, this may create differences between the two countries.

China is Germany’s biggest trading partner and some more restrictions have been imposed on China by the US. If China decides to send weapons to Russia, there could be more problems for Berlin. Berlin says Beijing can play a role in peacemaking.

The meeting between German and US leaders comes as US National Security Adviser Jack Sullivan revealed that the US had agreed to send Abrams tanks to Ukraine only because Germany had agreed to send its Leopard two tanks. . The White House last month called Schulz’s visit “an opportunity to reaffirm the deep friendship between the United States and its NATO ally, Germany.”

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