Tue. Jun 6th, 2023

The country which introduced the scheme of giving huge amount of money to the tourists coming to it

Taipei (Monitoring Desk) The East Asian country of Taiwan has introduced a scheme to give money to tourists who come to it to promote tourism. According to Daily Pakistan Global, this scheme has been announced by Taiwan’s Prime Minister Chen Shin-jin last week. The Prime Minister said that his government wants to increase the number of foreign tourists in the country to 1 crore annually by 2025.

According to the report, 18 lakh foreign tourists went to Taiwan in 2019 for the purpose of tourism, but by 2022, this number has decreased to 9 lakh instead of increasing. The Taiwanese Prime Minister has announced under this scheme that the government will give 5000 New Taiwan dollars (about 45 thousand 600 rupees) per person to 5 lakh tourists and 20 thousand New Taiwan dollars (about 1 lakh 82 thousand rupees) to 90 thousand tour groups.

The Director General of Tourism Bureau, Sheng Shi Ching, has said that under the scheme announced by the Prime Minister, various promotional events will be organized during the next year and during these events, the announced amount will be distributed among the tourists. This amount will be given to those foreign tourists who will be in Taiwan. This amount will be stored in an electronic ticketing card that tourists can use for meals, hotel stays and travel during their stay in Taiwan.

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