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In 2004, the case of misbehavior with a member, transferred to the Assembly Court of Uttar Pradesh, Speaker …

Lucknow (Daily Pakistan Online) The Assembly of the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh on Friday in connection with the notice of breach of privilege issued by the then BJP MLA Salil Vishnui in a nearly two-decade-old case. Sentenced to imprisonment for one day.

The case of violation of notice of privilege dates back to 2004. Vishnoi was leading a delegation to present a memorandum against power cuts in Kanpur to the District Magistrate (Kanpur Nagar) on 15 September 2004 when he was manhandled by police personnel. On Friday, the Assembly was turned into a court and Parliamentary Affairs Minister Suresh Khanna moved a resolution for a one-day jail term (till 12 midnight) for the six policemen, which was pronounced by Speaker Satish Mahana.

According to NDTV, Speaker Satish Mahana said that the police personnel will be confined in a room in the Vidhan Sabha building till midnight and all arrangements like food and other facilities will be made for them.

The police have expressed regret over the incident. The summons were issued on the recommendation of the Privileges Committee of the House which met on Monday. The committee had recommended imprisonment as punishment for these officers and staff members and the House on Friday decided to impose the jail term.

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