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Shakarndi solved the mystery of the murder that happened 12 years ago

Boston (Web Desk) American police have solved a blind case of murder after 12 years, in which the most important role is the sweet potato that the killer threw at the scene after use and it has the killer’s DNA on it. Now the accused was presented to the court with fresh evidence.

According to Express News, on February 27, 2011, 31-year-old Todd Lampley was shot and killed in a Massachusetts home. But now police have arrested DeVars Hampton, 40, but have not yet charged him.

According to the police, the deceased was living in a house in the village of Hyans, and after the incident, a sweet potato with bullet shells was found outside his bedroom window. The raw yam was cut on one side and flattened and a regular hole was drilled into it to insert the barrel of the gun. Then it was also seen that the front end of the fruit was split. According to the police, yams were thus used as a silencer.

Twelve years ago, DNA of the accused was also found on the same sweet potato, which was preserved by the police. The police then noted that the alleged killer made a dozen calls to another accomplice who was inside the victim’s house before and after the incident.

A third key piece of evidence is that DeVars Hampton was wearing a bracelet with a GPS system and was on record as being in the vicinity of Todd’s home at the time of the murder. Although he was arrested a few weeks after the murder, he denied the crime until now. Then in 2016, without telling him, police collected his saliva and matched it with DNA found at the crime scene, confirming it. Now with this evidence they have been produced in the court.

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