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At least three Pakistanis were killed in a boat accident in Libya this week, Pakistan’s foreign office said on Tuesday.

After Italy, boat accident in Libya also, three Pakistanis died
After Italy, boat accident in Libya also, three Pakistanis died


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Mumtaz Zahra Baloch, Spokesperson of Pakistan’s Foreign Office, said in a tweet, “In a tragic tragedy, a boat sank in the sea near Benghazi in Libya, in which three Pakistanis also died. The dead were from the Pakistani Embassy in Libya. Pakistan is making arrangements to bring it.”

Two days ago, 64 people, including 14 children, were killed when a boat sank off the coast of Italy. Pakistanis were also going to Italy illegally in these two boats. Two Pakistanis have been confirmed dead in a boat that sank in Italy.

In another tweet about the Italy boat accident, Zahra Baloch said, “We can confirm that two Pakistanis have lost their lives in this unfortunate tragedy off the coast of Italy.”

Baloch said that news of one more Pakistani survivor has been received, thus their number has increased to 17. Earlier, the Pakistani embassy had said that there were 20 Pakistanis on the boat, out of which 16 were rescued.

According to Pakistani media reports, Shahida Raza, who represented Pakistan in national hockey and international football competitions, was among those killed in the boat accident in Italy. Who wanted to go out of the country for better employment.

The Pakistan Foreign Office spokesperson further said that the Pakistani embassy in Italy is still engaged to assist in the matter, diplomatic staff have met the survivors and are also in touch with the Italian authorities.

Meanwhile, Pakistan’s Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) has started an investigation against people who illegally deport Pakistanis. Teams have also been formed to arrest those involved in this illegal activity.

The accused were arrested

A Turkish and two Pakistani nationals were taking the boat from Turkey to Italy despite bad weather, said Lt. Col. Alberto Lepolis, a top police officer in Italy’s Calabria region. The survivors of the crash have identified these people as “the main culprits for the tragedy,” Lepolis said.

He further said that preliminary investigation revealed that the accused had charged the migrants 8000 euros per person for the fatal journey. “All three suspects have been arrested, one of them is a Pakistani teenager. Police are looking for a fourth suspect who is a Turkish citizen,” Lepolis said.

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