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Nikki Haley, an Indian-origin candidate in the race for the US presidential election…

Washington (Monitoring Desk) Indian-origin candidate Nikki Haley, who is running for the US presidential election, has promised a major change in the country’s foreign policy and said that “America is not the world’s ATM.” If I get power, there will be a drastic change in the foreign policy in this regard.”

51-year-old Nikki Haley has said in a statement through her Twitter account that “A weak America gives money to bad people: in the past year alone, millions of dollars have been given to Pakistan, Iraq and Zimbabwe.” A strong America will not be the world’s ATM.”

In addition to this criticism of Pakistan, in an interview given to Fox News, Nikki Haley also expressed similar views about China. “We cannot buy friends,” he said. China will observe that we are paying attention. Why are we giving them money for the environment? This is a funny thing. We should not give them even a single cent.”

“We give money to Iraq and it spends it on uranium and proxy warring groups that kill Americans,” Nikki Haley said. We are giving money to Zimbabwe, the most anti-American African country. “We’re giving money to Cuba and then accusing it of government-sponsored terrorism. Why are we doing all this?”

In an article written for the American newspaper New York Post last week, he expressed similar views. He wrote, “We will completely stop aid to any country that hates us. We will not give any money to bad people. It is the hard-earned money of our citizens that we are wasting.” We will only give money to countries that are trustworthy and stand against our enemies and with our friends.”

In his article, he criticized the Joe Biden government for restoring aid to Pakistan. “The Joe Biden administration has restored military aid to Pakistan even though Pakistan is home to at least a dozen terrorist organizations and its government has deep ties to China,” he wrote. Nicky Helen also criticized the Joe Biden administration for giving aid money to the United Nations agency to help the Palestinians, saying that the money is actually being used for propaganda against our ally Israel.

It should be noted that Nikki Haley has been the ambassador of the United States to the United Nations and the governor of the American state of South Carolina. She is the first Indian-American woman who is participating in the presidential election of the United States on behalf of the Republican Party.

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