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With the worsening economic situation of the country and the opportunities of living time shrinking day by day, the tendency of our new generation to migrate abroad for livelihood seems to be increasing alarmingly.

Why is the young generation leaving the homeland?
Why is the young generation leaving the homeland?


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We used to hear that the country where the youth is in majority has more chances of development, but the situation in Pakistan is the opposite. Some societal pressures and some facile habits, there is no system or passion for technical training and skills teaching, there is no demand in the market for traditional education and the majority of novices in pursuit of their economic dreams are transferred from an early age to others. She starts dreaming of going to other countries.

In the last ten years, the tendency of a large number of young people to go abroad for livelihood is seen to be increasing. Boys and girls, especially in the big cities of Pakistan, after Inter or A-level, are in the process of getting admission in foreign universities. But what are the reasons that this asset of the country considers it good to settle abroad in one way or another? If we take a detailed look at this very worrying history, the reasons that appear are not so wrong.

There is absolutely no mistake in this that the economic and political conditions of Pakistan have left no stone unturned to mislead the youth. Due to the rapid increase in the population, unemployment is also increasing. Every year millions of young people get degrees but new job opportunities from the government are like salt in the dough. Unsustainable inflation has accelerated this trend. As a result, the young generation of Pakistan has started to consider this country as a failed state.

The majority of Pakistani youths are of the opinion that in a country where unemployment is common, merit, justice and rule of law are limited only to books and newspaper statements, no work is done without recommendation and bribery, where the standards of the elite and the people are different. If there is a distance of miles in life, if the access to justice from the courts is virtually non-existent, then what is the guarantee of a secure future in such a country?

The new generation belonging to the deprived classes in a divided society wants personal freedom. They want to make their own decisions. But in the suffocating environment, the scope of these basic rights is also disappearing day by day. On the other hand, due to unsafe environment and discrimination for women, teenage women also want to leave here.

The young generation of Punjab, Sindh, Baluchistan and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa want to try their luck abroad by some means instead of suffering the punishment of berozgari and minhgai. Where the unskilled and less educated new generation is somehow pulling the vehicle of life by doing pitiful low wages in the Middle East and Arab countries, there they are passing through illegal routes through human trafficking gangs. Many even lose their lives trying to reach Europe in unfavorable conditions.

There are still attractive opportunities for skilled people in Canada and Australia and countries in the Far East, but how many have such skills? Due to all these reasons, the generation feels that there is nothing left for them in Pakistan, so acquiring citizenship abroad has become their life goal be it for education, livelihood, peace and justice. Be it the desire to achieve or personal freedom.

The question arises when the powerful and decision-making institutions of our state will wake up from slumber and ensure all the facilities and employment for our new plant in their country that they want to get by settling in other countries.

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