Tue. May 30th, 2023

Berlin wants to encourage IT professionals from India to come and work in Germany. A new plan by the German government will make it easier for such Indians to come to Germany with their families.

Germany visa for Indian IT workers now easy
Germany visa for Indian IT workers now easy


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German Chancellor Olaf Schulz said that his government wants to facilitate information technology professionals from India to obtain work visas in Germany. On the one hand, Germany is facing shortage of skilled manpower, on the other hand, India is finding it difficult to provide adequate employment to its young population.

What did the German chancellor say?

The German Chancellor was on his first official visit to India recently. “We want to simplify the process of issuing visas,” he said during a visit to India’s Silicon Valley in Bengaluru on Sunday, the second day of his two-day visit. We want to modernize the entire bureaucratic process and modernize the law.”

“We will need a lot of skilled workers to meet the software development needs in Germany,” he added.

“The plan is to make it easier for the kind of skilled workers we need to come to Germany so they can come with their families,” Schulz said. It is possible, he added. Initially, it should be possible for people to come to Germany without a solid job offer.

German language would however be an added advantage

Relaxing the German language requirement could also help Germany and make Germany a more attractive destination for professionals who would otherwise be drawn to English-speaking countries.

“It is clear that anyone who comes to Germany as an information technology specialist can communicate more easily in English with their colleagues, because many people in Germany can speak English,” the German chancellor said. People can also learn German later, he added.

He, however, said that mastery of the German language would be an added advantage. Sholes said, “We have received many suggestions regarding reforms and we will continue to work on them.”

Sholes was accompanied by representatives of leading commercial companies and visited India’s technology hub. He also visited the factory of German software company SAP. The German Chancellor also met the players and officials of Indian Premier League cricket team Royal Challengers Bangalore in Bengaluru.

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