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Three weeks ago, more than a hundred people were killed in a suicide bomb attack on a mosque in the police line of Peshawar. The treatment of twenty injured is still going on, while the hearing power of dozens has been affected.

Peshawar attack: Twenty injured are still under treatment, dozens of hearing affected
Peshawar attack: Twenty injured are still under treatment, dozens of hearing affected


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Late last month, a suicide bomber attacked a police compound in Peshawar, killing and injuring a majority of policemen, and the attack on the mosque came as the mosque was attacked. It was full of worshippers.

According to the authorities, more than three-quarters of those who died in this bomb attack were police officers, while 165 officers were also injured. Many of the injured were discharged from hospitals after only a few days of treatment, while twenty others are still under treatment.

Initially, it was reported that the hearing of more than 50 injured people was also affected due to being so close to this powerful bomb blast. More than 15 of them were later discharged from the hospital while 35 were police personnel who were given medical advice to continue treatment due to severe exposure. Today, more than three weeks after the suicide bomb attack, a total of twenty policemen are still undergoing treatment, while dozens of people have suffered hearing loss as a result of the attack.

What do medical experts say?

Dr. Abdul Sattar, an ear, nose and throat specialist at Lady Reading Hospital in Peshawar, told DW, “The sound waves produced by such bomb blasts are so intense that the human ear usually cannot tolerate them.” Such blast sounds mainly affect the middle ear. In such cases, even if the eardrum is ruptured, there is not much damage. But the intensity of the blast to the inner ear is so high that the affected person’s hearing can be adversely affected for a short or long period of time.

Dr. Abdul Sattar said that the same happened to the victims of the bomb attack on the mosque in Peshawar Police Line, “These victims were very close to the blast site.” That is why many of them have been advised to continue their treatment on a long-term basis.” Such injured or affected policemen are not yet able to resume their duties and doctors have advised them to rest during treatment. is given

Victims under treatment

Uzair, a young man affected by the bomb attack, told DW, “When the bomb exploded, I was in the canteen and was preparing to go to the mosque. I was so frightened by the loud explosion that I could not see or hear anything again. Since that day I have lost sleep.

“I work in the canteen of the police line, which is very close to the affected porch of the mosque,” said the youth. Doctors have said that the inner parts of both my ears are affected. They also prescribed me medicine and sleeping pills. Now I can’t hear like I used to and I’m starting to speak loudly myself.”

Munsif Khan, who was seriously injured in the police line blast and an official of the Information Department, while talking to DW, said, “According to the doctors, there has been a difference in the two seals of my spine. He is undergoing treatment. In the emergency, the treatment was done. But now I am getting my treatment from a doctor privately and paying for it from my own pocket.

Munsif Khan said, “Many affected officials, including myself, are facing severe financial difficulties as private treatment is very expensive. I need the department to advance me some money for the treatment or help me financially as I have to pay huge fees to the specialist doctors.

The senior officials of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Police say that they are providing all possible help to the injured and victims of the police line bomb attack. Samiullah, in-charge of Peshawar Police Martyrs and Ghazi Branch, told DW, “Those injured in the blast who are still undergoing treatment in hospitals, the medicines available in the government hospital are being provided to them. Those who are not present, they are immediately provided by the police personnel posted there.

Samiullah said, “All these arrangements and measures are completed by the police welfare department in a phased manner. One lakh rupees is given to the injured by the government and five five lakh rupees to seriously injured personnel under a regular procedure. A formal procedure has been devised for disbursement of assistance under the package.

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