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Like the rest of the world, the use of time management applications is gradually increasing in Pakistan. Deutsche Welle has had exclusive conversations with people from various walks of life about the usefulness of this application.

Time management applications and best use of time
Time management applications and best use of time


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Punctuality in Pakistan, its best use and saving time are topics on which the speaker is considered a prodigy. Be it public or private events or the President’s and Prime Minister’s address to the nation, they rarely get things done as per the schedule. The same is the case with common people, someone is crying about not meeting the deadline, while someone is complaining about assignments, interviews and quizzes.

Although a day is 24 hours for everyone. The only difference is its correct use and proper scheduling. Like the rest of the world, the use of time management applications is increasing in Pakistan. Apart from helping to schedule daily routines, this application also helps in keeping track of meal times, exercise, and health.

Aqeel Siddiqui hails from Karachi and is a software engineer by profession. Speaking to Deutsche Welle, he said that the most used time management applications today include To-Do List, Rescue Time, Forest, Promodore Timer, etc. Aqeel himself uses a to-do list, which, apart from regularity in his routine, has relieved him to a great extent from the constant tension and anxiety of not getting work done on time.

Aqeel explains that earlier he used to use a diary or mobile notebook to manage the daily routine but often missed many tasks despite noting them down. Now using the application provides alert notification which is very convenient.

How helpful are these applications to students?

Bashir Ahmad, a fourth-year MBBS student at North West School of Medicine, Peshawar, told Deutsche Welle that he usually uses the iPhone’s screen timer, which allows him to access various applications on his mobile, such as Facebook, Instagram, The time spent surfing on Twitter etc. is known. Thus, instead of wasting more time on social media, they focus on studies.

Bashir Ahmad explains that one such application called “Habit” is very popular among students today. It keeps getting notifications for schedule or routines throughout the day. Along with this, it also counts the “footsteps” from which the whole day’s activities are visible on the mobile screen.

According to Bashir Ahmad, with time, he gets bored using this application and often ignores it when a task notification appears on the screen. As a doctor, he believes that instead of relying heavily on applications, people should save time by utilizing their natural abilities.

Health utility of a time management application

Ayesha Sheikh is a student of BS Nutrition and Dietetics at Rafah International University, Faisalabad. She told Deutsche Welle that she uses an app called “Habit” a lot to help her complete daily routines on time, such as taking vitamins on time, light exercise or a walk after a few hours. And keeps giving notification of prayer time. This is the reason why she often advises patients to use this application as well.

How to choose a time management application?

Daniya Hashmi teaches at National Defense University Islamabad and is a mother of two children. He told Deutsche Welle that taking care of the children and the household with a job often becomes too difficult. Daniya has been using the To Do List and Rescue Time application for a long time. She says that these apps did not help her much, every weekend piled up with work which is affecting her mental and physical health.

In this regard, Aqeel Siddiqui says that it is generally understood that time management apps are very easy to use and everyone can keep track of their daily routine with their help. But first of all, it is important to know which applications can be useful for a person with what kind of activities.

Each application provides certain services like time tracking, automatic reminders, start and stop timer, schedule management etc., explains Aqeel. They are selected keeping in mind their problems and needs.

Business people choose applications that not only help in completing tasks but also help in keeping track of employees’ working hours. Similarly, to-do list, wonderlist and staff hub softwares are helpful for those in the education sector.

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