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Pakistan’s support in the match cost the Indian Muslim dearly, ‘India…

New Delhi (Monitoring Desk) It became expensive for a Muslim in India to support the Pakistan cricket team against New Zealand, Hindu extremists kneeling down and holding their ears to shout ‘I love India’ and ‘Bharat Mata Ki Jai’. forced to. According to India Times, this incident happened in the tourist city of Goa, India. In November last year, a foreign tourist visited a market in Goa.

This tourist named Dawood Akhundada was a vlogger and was also making a video of his visit to the market. Meanwhile, he reached a restaurant where people were watching a cricket match between Pakistan and New Zealand on TV. The tourist asked him which team he was supporting. The owner of the restaurant told him that he was supporting the Pakistani team.

The tourist is surprised to get this answer and asks that the support of the Pakistani team in India? So the restaurant owner tells him that the area is predominantly Muslim. The tourist also posted this clip from his video on his Twitter handle @Davud_Akh, which went viral in recent days and Hindu extremists created an uproar.

The man was identified from the video and Hindu extremists reached his area and forced him to apologize for supporting the Pakistan cricket team. Everyone apologized to him in their own way, someone folded their hands and asked for forgiveness. Someone asked to stand on both knees and hold both ears and say I love India and someone asked to chant Bharat Mata ki Jai enthusiastically and this Muslim surrounded by extremist Hindus went on fulfilling all their requests.

Area Sarpanch Joseph Sequera has confirmed the incident and said that no formal complaint has been lodged with the panchayat or the police by the Muslim victim.

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