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The European Union wants to tighten the measures so far to prevent the arrival of Russian spies in its member states. According to the European Commissioner for Home Affairs, the Union must tighten its visa regulations and border security.

The European Union steps up to stop the arrival of Russian spies
The European Union steps up to stop the arrival of Russian spies


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Speaking from the Greek capital of Athens on Friday, February 24, exactly one year after the Russian military invasion of Ukraine, Ilva Johansen, the European Union’s Commissioner for Home Affairs and Internal Security, said that Russia is therefore sending its spies to EU member states. I send that Russian President Putin is afraid of this European bloc and wants to destroy it.

Speaking at a conference in Athens on the one-year anniversary of Russia’s military intervention in Ukraine, the EU’s internal security commissioner said, There is an urgent need to increase border surveillance.

Further improvements to the Schengen Information System

A new update of the Schengen Information System (SIS) of the Schengen Zone, which includes a total of 27 member and non-member European countries, introduced under the auspices of the European Union, will come into force on March 7 of the same year.

In this background, Union Commissioner Ilva Johansen said, “Currently, as many foreigners enter the bloc with a visa from an EU member country, only about half of them are registered in the Schengen Information System. Checking is possible through It also means that a large number of Russian citizens who enter the EU every year are not checked by SIS.

Deportation of 400 Russian spies

Ilva Johansen told conference participants in Athens that fingerprints and other biometric data of applicants are taken when issuing visas to EU member states to prevent the possible use of fake passports by criminal agents. can be detected.

He said that about 400 Russian spies were deported from the European Union last year. In Johansson’s words, “We are a huge threat to (Russian President) Putin because we are a democracy.”

According to a decision of the European Union, Eastern European countries Bulgaria and Romania will also be included in the Schengen zone of the Union in the same year, so that these two member states will also be part of the online system of information exchange at the police level in this zone. can become

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