Wed. Jun 7th, 2023

Wife scolds husband for forgetting wedding anniversary

Mumbai (Monitoring Desk) It is not surprising for husbands to forget their wedding anniversary, but in recent days in India, a woman along with her in-laws has made her husband so angry that she forgot her wedding anniversary. The husband will be alerted. According to India Times, this incident took place in Ghatkopar, a suburb of Mumbai, India, where the woman, along with the accomplices, brutally tortured her husband.

According to the report, the husband’s only fault was that he forgot his wedding anniversary and came home late where his 27-year-old wife was waiting for him. After coming late, there was an argument between the husband and the wife and the girl called her brother and parents who started beating the husband.

When the husband’s mother came in the middle to save her son, those people caught her and beat her too. Not only did these people beat up the mother and son, they also smashed the motorcycle of their son-in-law Vishal Nangre, 32, who works as a driver in a courier company. His wife Kalpana works in a restaurant. Both got married in 2018. Police have registered a case against Kalpana and her family on Vishal’s complaint.

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