Tue. May 30th, 2023

The ex-girlfriends of the Chinese national came in protest, carrying banners

BEIJING (Web Desk) A Chinese man’s wedding ceremony turned into trouble and trouble when several of his ex-girlfriends arrived with a banner that read, “We are Chen Song’s ex-girlfriends.” and have come to destroy you today.

According to the daily “Jang”, the incident took place on February 6 in Hengdi, a village in Yunnan Province, China. People present were also shocked to see this unusual scene. It is said that the number of protesting women was about a dozen, who were holding a big red banner outside the wedding ceremony. It was written that we are Chen Song’s ex-girlfriends and Chen has come to destroy you.

Seeing them, the people there at first think that it is a prank, but later it is revealed that all these women are his old girlfriends, angry with Chen Song, who have now come to take revenge on his wedding. A video has since gone viral in which the women can be seen holding banners on the street across from Chen Song’s wedding venue.

At this point, a few guests go there and ask him the reason for the protest, while at one point Chen and his fiancee also confront him.

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