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The talented young Pakistani Sania Alam has been honored with the award of “Brain of the Year 2023/24” by the British organization Brain Trust. This honor has been given to him for his services in improving the capabilities of the human mind.

Sania Alam won the Brain of the Year award
Sania Alam won the Brain of the Year award


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Every year Brain of the Year is awarded by Brain Trust, a prestigious institution of Great Britain, to such bright and talented young people, who have made significant contributions in the field of education using their extraordinary talents. This year, this honor has been given to Sania Alam from Pakistan. Brain Trust Chairman Raymond Kane presented the award to Sania Alam at a prestigious ceremony held in London.

Sania Alam while talking to Deutsche Welle said that she is very happy to receive this great honor. She is the first Pakistani woman to receive this award. Earlier this award was given to Pakistani writer Anis Arif. According to Sania, she always tries to inspire the younger generation with her work and services. Their emphasis is on introducing innovative ways to improve mental capacity, which are not only easy but if adopted can lead to better performance in the academic field and business in less time.

Sania Alam further told Deutsche Welle that her organization Futuristic Learning conducts courses on super learning for the youth. These include courses on mind mapping, memory improvement, speed reading, math genius and exam success. His team has so far participated in many mind game competitions and set several world records.

Why is superlearning so important?

Speaking to Deutsche Welle, Sania Alam added that the importance of super learning is increasing rapidly in every sphere of life, be it education or business. Superlearning is actually a variety of learning methods related to accelerating the efficiency of the human brain, which by learning helps to improve performance in the academic field and professional life.

According to Sania, it often happens in life that people are limited to their comfort zone and in such a case they are using only one part of their brain. For example, businessmen use the right side of their brain and are generally logical, while artists think creatively and use the left side of their brain.

She adds that superlearning systems are designed to activate the whole brain, enabling both logical and creative abilities and enabling learners to innovate in their field of expertise.

How does superlearning support business?

Sania is also part of the executive board of several multinational companies and has been instrumental in the development of these organizations through the innovative superlearning methods she has designed. He told Deutsche Welle that the success of any business nowadays depends on innovation. ‘

According to Sania Alam, her organization provides a complete package of superlearning, which connects individuals with their inner creativity. These hidden abilities are usually present in all people, they just need to be stimulated by new ways of learning.

Sania Alam says she is optimistic that the mind-mapping courses introduced by her organization Future Rustic Learning, known as “IMHD”, are the future of Pakistan. She is devoting all her time and energy to make these courses accessible to common people in Pakistan.

What is the Brain of the Year Award?

The British organization Brain Trust Herbers recognizes young people active in the field of intellectual ability and education with the Brain of the Year Award, who have demonstrated exceptional performance during the year. For the nomination of this award, the organization also conducts a mental test of the selected representatives. Earlier, Stephen Hawking, Astronaut John Glenn, Michael Crawford, Garry Kasparov have received this honor.

This year, men and women from 15 countries around the world participated in this competition, in which Sania Alam from Pakistan was declared the winner. This honor has been given to him for improving mental literacy and introducing new dimensions in the field of education.

Sania Alam is a member of the Prime Minister’s National Youth Council and last year she was honored with the Youth Excellence Award by Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif. Sania has received the President Joe Biden Lifetime Achievement Award and holds four Guinness Book World Records.

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