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A group of people who took part in the lottery in Italy and placed bets together have won the biggest jackpot in European history. The group collectively won a record jackpot of €371 million.

The biggest European jackpot, the Italian group won 371 million euros
The biggest European jackpot, the Italian group won 371 million euros


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The numbers for this Italian lottery were drawn on Thursday evening. This lottery called ‘Superina Lotto’ proved to be the biggest jackpot in European history. The jackpot in any lottery is the total amount of money that increases each time a draw results in no winner, until someone eventually wins the lottery.

The prize money is equivalent to 371 million euros or 395 million dollars

According to reports from the Italian capital Rome on Friday, the Superenalotto was won by a private syndicate, which has 90 members. Members of this group submitted several entries predicting different numbers. There was one of these entries, on which all the numbers written were the same, which later came out in the lottery. The group thus collectively won 371 million euros, which equates to 395 million US dollars.

Importantly, members of this group spent five euros per person participating in the lottery. Each of these 90 people will now receive more than four million euros from the jackpot winnings.

The specialty of Italy’s ‘Superina Lotto’ is that any participant has to correctly predict six numbers from one to 90 drawn in the lottery.

The biggest lotteries in Europe and the world

The largest lottery in Europe in terms of prize money is the ‘El Gordo’ lottery drawn every year on Christmas Day in Spain, with a total value of more than two billion euros.

But this lottery is not a jackpot, that is, if no one wins once, the amount does not increase and the next time it does not increase. In case there is no one or more winners, the lottery money is divided among the number of participants.

The record for the world’s largest lottery jackpot to date is held by the US state of California’s ‘Powerball’ draw. In November last year, this lottery was won by a single person and was worth 2.04 billion dollars.

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