Wed. Jun 7th, 2023

America’s oldest former president, Jimmy Carter, hospice at home instead of hospital…

Washington (Daily Pakistan Online) 98-year-old former US President Jimmy Carter, who led the nation from 1977 to 1981, is receiving hospice care at home, where he will spend his ‘remaining time’. Keep in mind that hospice care focuses on the care, comfort, and quality of life of a terminally ill person.

Carter, the oldest living former president and Nobel Peace Prize laureate, lives in the Georgia Plains with his wife Rosalyn, the Jimmy Carter Foundation said in a statement. This is the town where he was born and worked as a peanut farmer before becoming governor and later starting his presidential run as the Democratic nominee.

“After a brief hospital stay, former US President Jimmy Carter will spend the rest of his time at home with his family today and receive hospice care rather than additional medical intervention,” the Carter Center said in a statement posted on Twitter. decided to.

During his presidency, Carter brokered a peace agreement between Israel and Egypt known as the Camp David Accords. He was elected president for one term, he participated in the presidential election for the second term but was defeated by the Republican rival Ronald Reagan.

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