Thu. Jun 1st, 2023

During the Rotterdam Green Shipping Summit, Jeddah Islamic Port was awarded the first award for Best Port, while the second was awarded for Digital Transformation.

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Riyadh: Saudi Arabia’s Jeddah Islamic Port has received two awards during the Rotterdam Green Shipping Summit. It has been given one award for Best Port in 2022, while another for Digital Transformation. The Saudi Press Agency reported this on Thursday. The seventh conference of its kind was the International Green Shipping Summit Awards Ceremony, which was held on February 15th and 16th in the Dutch city of Rotterdam.

According to report, this achievement confirms the qualitative change witnessed by the Jeddah Islamic Port and the developments that have led to increased operational efficiency rates, strengthening of the maritime sector and increase in commercial traffic and progress. To be sure, the evidence of the achievements of ‘Moani’ has been presented. Jeddah Islamic Port has achieved this success through initiatives to use the latest technologies and innovative solutions to ensure an environment-friendly maritime industry in the areas of sustainability, clean energy and maritime shipping.

Jeddah Islamic Port’s winning the ‘Best Port in 2022’ award is an eighth ranking in the Container Port Performance Index issued by the World Bank as a confirmation of the expansion and development programs and investment projects seen by the port. But it has come up.

The port is continuously enhancing its operational capabilities by acquiring 12 modern and eco-friendly cranes designed to the latest technologies, international specifications and ‘remote’ operating systems for container handling through strategic partners operating the South and North Container Terminals.

The ports winning the Digital Transformation Award confirm the standard changes seen in 2022 and the initiatives initiated within this framework are smart to automate operational processes in Saudi ports using fifth generation technologies and artificial intelligence programs. Ports have been successful in implementing innovative and digital initiatives.

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