Sat. Jun 3rd, 2023

A study has revealed a surprising benefit of using a face mask.

According to reports, a Cardiff University study included 40 people and evaluated how different types of face masks changed their attractiveness.

Research has found that blue surgical face masks increase facial attractiveness more than other types of masks.

The researchers said that in the research conducted before the corona epidemic, it was discovered that medical face masks reduce the attractiveness of the face, so we want to know if the perception has changed in this regard at the present time when the use of face masks has become common. Whether or not, while also wanting to know whether the type of mask has any effect or not.

He added that research results indicate that faces are perceived as more attractive when they are covered by a blue surgical mask.

A possible reason for this, he said, is that such masks are probably used by medical workers and we now associate them with people who are associated with the care or medical sector.

“Perhaps when we feel vulnerable, wearing a face mask reassures and creates a more positive impression of the wearer,” he said.

In the study, 43 women were asked to rate their faces from 1 to 10 without a face mask, wearing a cloth mask, with a nail surgical mask and with their faces hidden by a plain black book cover.

According to the researchers, the findings contradicted research done before the pandemic, when it was believed that masks made people think about an illness and therefore should not be worn.

“We also found that the face hidden by the cloth mask was also rated as more attractive than the unmasked face, an effect that was seen in both the less attractive and more attractive groups,” he said.

He said that the corona epidemic has changed our psychology regarding the use of face masks, now we see a person wearing a mask, so we do not think that he is sick and we should stay away from him.

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