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Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen says that the media organization called ‘Voice of Democracy’ has attacked him and his son and has harmed the country. He also ordered to close it on Sunday.

The last independent news agency in Cambodia was also shut down
The last independent news agency in Cambodia was also shut down


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Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen posted a statement on his official Facebook page saying that the publication or broadcast license for ‘Voice of Democracy’, also known as VOD, was revoked on Monday local time. It is being canceled from 10 am.

The Cambodian prime minister instructed Phnom Penh police to “comply” with the order, but said his property would not be seized for now. He said VOD’s foreign donors would get their money back and its employees would find new jobs.

“The newspaper tried to attack me and my son, Hun Manet,” Hun Sen said. He said VOD had published a story earlier this week that damaged the Cambodian government’s “dignity and respect” and ordered the Ministry of Information to revoke VOD’s license.

VOD published a news report on Cambodia’s assistance in the earthquake in Turkey on Wednesday. The news quoted government spokesman Phay Siphain as saying that the Prime Minister’s son and his potential successor, Han Manit, had signed the aid agreement. Han Manit is also the Joint Chief of Staff and Deputy Commander of the Armed Forces of the country. And by signing any such agreement, they have overstepped their bounds.

One of the longest dictators in the world

Hun Sen is one of the world’s longest-ruling dictators. Many political opponents have been jailed and deported on his orders. Anti-government media outlets have been shut down and civil liberties voices have been crushed.

The Cambodian Center for Independent Media (CCIM), the NGO that organizes VOD, wrote a letter to Hun Sen’s cabinet apologizing for any confusion caused by the publication of the news. VOD published its report quoting government spokesperson Phe Siphain.

Prime Minister Hun Sen, however, said that CCIM’s explanation was not acceptable. Phe Saiphan and CCIM media director declined to comment on the new development.

Restrictions have been imposed on media organizations before

It should be noted that VOD is not the first Cambodian media organization to be shut down by the government. Earlier, ‘Cambodia Daily’ was shut down in late 2017. He was ordered to pay the outstanding tax amounting to crores of rupees within a month. Although the newspaper said that there is no tax outstanding on it.

The newspaper was known for publishing breaking news on important issues and was banned a few months before the last general elections in 2018. The next general election is expected in July.

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