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In a notice displayed in a Paris apartment building, drug dealers made it clear that they did not want to disturb the residents of the building. And that no one should interfere in the work of their employees.

If you have any complaints contact, French Drug Dealers Notice
If you have any complaints contact, French Drug Dealers Notice


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A notice displayed in a high-rise residential building in Paris, the capital of France, has put the residents of this building in a strange dilemma. The notice was allegedly put up by drug dealers in this high-rise building in the city’s Prussian district.

The notice states that the intention is not to harass anyone, but the drug dealers request the residents of the building not to harass their employees during their business activities in the building.

The area of ​​Paris in which this building is located has seen an increased presence of the drug mafia in recent times. According to local media, several drug dealers are active at this location, who deliver drugs to homes.

What was the main message in the notice?

In this notice displayed on the elevator of this building in Paris, the drug dealers further wrote that ‘there will be no noise or pollution in this building. The employees will do their work quietly’.

The notice also requests that the residents of the building do not harass the employees of the drug dealers. The notice is said to have been put up by drug dealers living in the building. “We do not want to disrupt your daily life,” the notice added. We just want to do our job’.

A photo of the notice was published by the French daily Le Pressen in its weekly edition. In this notice it is also written that ’employees should not be yelled at or yelled at. If there is any complaint or problem, don’t hesitate to contact us.”

Some residents of the building took the notice as a joke, while others believed it to be provocation. Some believe that drug dealers have subtly threatened them with violence if their operations are disrupted.

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