Wed. Jun 7th, 2023

A study has revealed that vegetarians are more likely to suffer from depression than meat eaters.

According to a study in Brazil, people who stopped eating meat were almost twice as likely to suffer from depression as meat eaters.

Similar results have been reported in earlier studies that only vegetarians suffer from depression.

In this regard, Chris Bryant, honorary research associate of the Department of Psychology at the University of Bath, UK, believes that the causes of depression are not what we think.

He said that one might immediately think that depression might be related to malnutrition after learning the results of this study.

Kris Bryant also said that it is easy to link diet and health problems, but the causes of depression are deeper.

On the other hand, new research published in the Journal of Affective Disorders suggests that depression is not related to nutritional deficiencies.

Researchers in the Brazilian study looked at all dietary factors, including calories, micronutrients and protein intake.

The researchers found no significant difference between meat eaters and vegetarians.

Social ostracism may be one of the reasons vegetarians are more depressed, say researchers.

They say that it is worth noting here that the research was conducted in Brazil, a country where eating meat is an important part of the culture and most of the people are meat eaters, so those who stop eating meat have It may be difficult to blend into your society.

According to researchers, failure to find the right options for a healthy diet can also lead to depression.

He said that it is important to question whether the same results will be seen in countries like India where there are more vegetarians in the society.

Researchers say people with depression may also be more sensitive to the reality of animal slaughter.

He also noticed that out of the 14,000 people who participated in the recent study, only 82 were vegetarians, which is not even 1 percent of all the people selected for the study.

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