Thu. Jun 1st, 2023

Fish is generally recognized as a helpful source of vitamin D, including heart, brain, digestive system and eye disease, but a new study has revealed another surprising benefit.

A recent study conducted by American experts has shown that eating fish can be beneficial for people with kidney disease.

According to the research published in the medical journal ‘BMJ’, American experts conducted research to examine the effects of ‘Omega-3’ or in simple words, different types of fish on kidney disease.

During the research, experts reviewed 19 different investigations in 12 countries around the world.

Experts reviewed the data of nearly 26,000 people involved in the research, and information was collected from these volunteers for 11 years.

The health of the volunteers whose data the experts reviewed was reassessed 11 years later.

Experts concluded from the research that overall, people who eat a diet based on a variety of marine creatures, i.e. fish, have less kidney disease, while eating fish benefits people with old or severe kidney disease.

The data showed that people who got the ‘omega-3’ vitamin from vegetables and fruits had no difference in their kidney disease, while those who ate fish had a significantly reduced risk, experts said.

According to the study, people who ate a daily fish-based diet had an 8 percent lower risk of kidney disease, while volunteers who ate more fish-based foods had a 13 percent lower risk of severe kidney disease.

Experts said that eating fish can also prevent kidney diseases.

Experts suggest that people should eat different types of fish for kidney health.

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