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John Tory has expressed his ‘heartfelt apologies’ to the people of Toronto. It has been reported that the thirty-one-year-old woman was an adviser to the mayor. John Tory was elected mayor of Canada’s largest city three times.

Toronto mayor resigns after affair with staff member
Toronto mayor resigns after affair with staff member


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The mayor of Toronto, Canada’s largest city, has resigned after admitting he had an affair with a former female member of his staff. John Tory announced his departure from his current post at a news conference late on Friday, February 10, and said that the woman in question had ended his relationship with him earlier this year. has already left Toronto City Hall.

Mayor Tory’s resignation came shortly after the Toronto Star newspaper reported that John Tory, then 68, was having an affair with a much younger woman on his staff. “I recognize that it was a serious error of judgment on my part to allow this relationship to continue,” said John Tory.

“It came at a time when Barb, my wife of more than 40 years, and I faced several long periods of separation as we juggled our respective responsibilities during the coronavirus pandemic,” he said. had been.”

John Tory added: “As a result of this matter I have decided to stand down as Mayor so that I can take time to reflect on my mistakes and restore the trust of my family. “

Torrey did not reveal the identity of the female staff member with whom he had an affair in his statement. However, it is said that this woman was allegedly a 31-year-old adviser of his. John Tory was first elected mayor of Toronto in 2014 and recently won a third mayoral election. He said in his statement that he wanted to “profoundly apologize” to the citizens of Toronto.

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