Tue. Jun 6th, 2023

The New York Times exposed the plan to make India a Hindu state

Washington (Daily Pakistan Online) The American newspaper New York Times has exposed the plan to make India a Hindu state. According to the newspaper, aggression against Pakistan and violations of the ceasefire agreement are part of the plan.

According to private TV Dunya News, after the BBC, the New York Times also raised its voice on Modi’s extremism-based actions. Since Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi assumed power, religious extremism has significantly increased in India, crimes against Muslims are not punished at all.

The report said that the Modi government made anti-Muslim laws as part of a deliberate plan.

According to the newspaper, the government based on the Hindu extremist organization BJP is making laws against the BJP Muslims under a big plan to make life difficult for them, to take revenge on the oppressed people through anti-Muslim laws in Kashmir. Wants, aggression against Pakistan and violation of ceasefire agreement is also part of Modi’s plan.

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