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An angry mob stormed a police station in Pakistan’s Punjab province and tortured and killed a suspect in custody. The victim of this incident was accused of alleged blasphemy.

An alleged suspect was killed by mob violence in Pakistan
An alleged suspect was killed by mob violence in Pakistan


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According to the reports of various international news agencies, this incident of killing the suspect by freeing him from police custody and torturing him in a local police station in Nankana Sahib city of Punjab province and then in front of him on Saturday February 11th. Happened, which has been confirmed by the police itself.

Police Spokesman’s Stand

The killing is the latest example of killings in Pakistan over alleged blasphemy charges or other alleged faith-related crimes. According to news agency Reuters, a police spokesman, Muhammad Waqas, said that the victim’s name was Muhammad Waris and he was between twenty and twenty-five years old.

He was taken into custody on Saturday after an angry mob started torturing him, accusing him of allegedly desecrating the holy book of Muslims, the Quran. Later, when the alleged accused was in police custody, the same mob also stormed the concerned police station.

“The angry mob stormed the police station, dragged the alleged suspect, Mohammad Waris, out and tortured him so much that he died,” police spokesman Muhammad Waqqas told Reuters. The people later tried to set the dead body on fire.

‘There were only a few policemen in the police station’

“At the time of the incident, only a few enumerators were present in the concerned police station and they could not control the angry mob while trying to save Mohammad Waris,” the police later said. A statement issued after the incident said that a few policemen had been suspended for failing to control the angry mob.

It was said by the provincial government in Lahore, the capital of Punjab, that Pakistani Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif, taking notice of this tragic incident, has ordered a full investigation by the authorities.

Many international human rights organizations have criticized the Pakistani authorities for failing to prevent repeated incidents of deadly attacks by angry mobs on those accused of blasphemy. Not taking enough steps to

In the Muslim-majority country of Pakistan, such incidents are seen again and again. According to Pakistani law, blasphemy is a crime, and the country’s courts can sentence the perpetrators to death if found guilty.

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