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The fact is that the destruction of Pakistan is a lesson for the entire Muslim society. Pakistan has been divided into two parts once in 1971. If these conditions remain, Pakistan may break once again

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No electricity, no water, no petrol and diesel, no flour, no sugar… and the sad thing is that there is no money either. This is the situation of Muhammad Ali Jinnah’s dream of ‘Islamic Republic of Pakistan’. Yes, the kingdom of God Dad Pakistan has become poor. There are food shortages in the country. Essential goods are missing from the market, or are too expensive for people to buy. Since its establishment in the year 1947, this has become the status of Pakistan in some 75 years, while India has become an important country in the world in the same period.

The fact is that the destruction of Pakistan is a lesson for the entire Muslim society. Pakistan has been divided into two parts once in 1971. If this situation continues, Pakistan may break once again. The reason is that in this modern age countries are not run on the basis of religion. After its establishment, Pakistan based the country on religion. At the same time, the regime there created a frenzy of hatred towards India. Obviously, in these circumstances, the country was cut off from the world’s modern development paths, while India established itself on the basis of modernity. In fact, before the partition, two fears entered the minds of the Muslim community. The first is that after independence the landlord system will return in India. Second, the future of Muslims in Hindu-majority India will be in jeopardy. Jinnah and the Muslim League created Pakistan by fueling this fear, because the British also fueled the Muslim League.

Born out of the fire of partition, Pakistan had the opportunity to lead the country on the path of the modern world. After all, other independent countries had chosen this path of development for themselves and from where they have reached today. But Pakistan remained on the same old zamindaran system. Pakistan was already under the control of the landlords and after its establishment, Pakistan was completely under the control of the landlords. The result was that the democratic system soon collapsed there. By the 1960s, the Pakistani regime was dominated by the military, which is still the most powerful force in Pakistan. Thus, the army and the landlords first mortgaged the country to the United States. It was the Cold War era. The war for world domination was going on between the United States and the Soviet Union. During this period, Pakistan sat completely in the lap of America and continued to protect its interest. America continued to help Pakistan instead. Then in 1980, the Soviet Union sent its army to Afghanistan. America decided to teach the Soviet Union a lesson. Due to Pakistan’s border with Afghanistan, the US handed over to Pakistan on its ‘proxy war’ deal. On the other hand, General Zia-ul-Haq felt that he can now ride on the shoulders of America and take revenge of the 1971 war from India. So by giving the slogan of Jihad, Pakistan started the game of terrorism in Kashmir.

Pakistan thought that the conditions of the world would always remain the same and that the US would always give it its services. But in the 1990s, the Soviet Union collapsed. The world has changed. Finally, the United States withdrew its troops from Afghanistan. America no longer needs Pakistan. US aid dwindled. Pakistan did not try to stand on its own feet in this long period. So, Pakistan’s economy gradually got worse and worse and now Pakistan has become poor.

The question is, what should Pakistan do now? The only way is to take the path of modern development. But in this way, both the army and the landlords will lose power from the hands of the Pakistani lobby. How will the Pakistani system allow this? So it is obvious that the situation in Pakistan will get worse. People worried about inflation will be on the streets. The army will be forced to crush them. After all, the situation will be Sri Lankan. But it is also certain that the opponents of Pakistan will try to break it by taking advantage of the situation in Pakistan. In this way, the possibility of breaking up of Pakistan will also arise.

Pakistan’s politics of hatred has made Pakistan this situation. India should also learn from this. After independence in 1947, India took the path of modern development and became an important country in the world by establishing a secular state. But the Indian system under the BJP rule has also started to transform the country into a Hindu Rashtra. This is an alarm bell for India. Let’s not make India ‘Hindu Pakistan’ the same situation that Pakistan is in these days!

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