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A bomb dropped by the German army during World War II exploded decades later, …

London (Monitoring Desk) The bomb of the Second World War exploded with a powerful explosion in Great Britain after almost 80 years. According to Mail Online, the bomb blast took place in the UK’s non-metropolitan county of Norfolk, which has been confirmed by the Norfolk Police.

This bomb exploded in the town called Great Yarmouth last evening around 5 o’clock. The entire town echoed with the explosion of the bomb and a cloud of smoke started hovering over the city. Jack Onnett, a citizen whose house was very close to the blast site, said that it was a terrifying sound, which scared everyone in the area.

According to the report, Jack Onett said that the explosion shook our houses and it felt like they were about to collapse. After the blast, we spent several hours outside the house due to fear.

It has been stated by the Norfolk Police through its Twitter account that the explosion happened suddenly without any plan. Attempts were being made to defuse the bomb when it exploded. This 250 kg bomb was dropped on Great Britain by the German army in the Second World War, which could not explode for some reason at that time.

According to the police, the bomb was found in a river called Yare. After removing it from the river, it was considered dangerous to move it from there, so an 8-foot high wall of sandbags was erected around it on the river bank, due to which no damage was caused by the bomb blast.

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