Sat. Jun 3rd, 2023

Earthquake in Turkey, the entire volleyball team of the school is missing, including the administration

Ankara (Monitoring Desk) The number of people killed in the devastating earthquake in Turkey and Syria has exceeded 15 thousand and thousands of people are still missing. According to Mail Online, an entire volleyball team of students from a school in the Turkish city of Ediaman is missing. The team was staying at a hotel in the central area of ​​the city.

The building of this hotel is also included in the collapsed buildings of the city and still these students of the school could not be taken out from the rubble of the building. The total number of team players and management people is said to be 30. A day ago, he went to Ediaman from Northern Turkey to play a tournament.

According to the report, several other international players are also trapped in the debris of buildings in different cities. Among these players is Christian Aso, an international footballer from the West African country of Ghana. Aso recently joined the Turkish football club Hatespor. what was

Turkish goalkeeper Ayub Turkslan is also among those missing after the earthquake. Apart from this, many wrestlers are also reported to be buried under the debris. Turkey’s Olympic champion Taha expressed fear that 30 to 40 athletes may be buried under the debris and appealed for help to get them out.

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