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The society is becoming a society that eats the rights of women. This is such an ugly act that has gripped the society like an octopus. Families tend to give rights to women when it comes to property distribution.

Women's share in property, then if but why?
Women’s share in property, then if but why?


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Women have basic rights such as education, business and employment, participation in political and social activities, share of inheritance, consensual marriage, option of remarriage for divorced or widowed. But now this society has become a society that eats the right of women.

To usurp women’s share in property is an abominable act. Alas, these days, shortcomings in the distribution of inheritance have become common. If someone dies, his stick is distributed among the monkeys under his buffalo. Mufti Islam openly discusses the topic of divorce, while women remain silent on the division of inheritance. There are many people in our society who seem to avoid usury, bribery, and corruption, but on the other hand, neglecting the lack of distribution of property is considered legitimate. They are oblivious to this duty. The truth is that regular hair cutting is done.

It has become a common practice among us that the right of inheritance is waived off by threats or blackmailing the sisters. The real thing is that the share of sisters and daughters should be taken out of the property and given to them according to legal justification. Later, they themselves should forgive him or forgive him, it is their will and expediency. The tragedy is that women do not get even half of the share. In some areas of Pakistan, they are married to the Qur’an under false pretenses so that the property cannot be demanded and the girl stays at home. It is indicative of a certain mindset.

If we talk about women, believe that our women are afraid that as soon as they demand the right of inheritance, as a result, they will face strong opposition and they will make various accusations from the community. Just getting sad, Shajar keeps quiet considering this thing as forbidden. It is observed that some of the sisters lead a very modest life after marriage. They do not make any demands. But the brothers occupying their share from the inheritance of the parents are living a luxurious life. Isn’t this a blatant contradiction?

The brothers themselves tease the story of property distribution, in this also there is an aspect of conflict politics in the heart of the majority. Many women seem to complain that they have to face disrespect from their brothers.

Saima and Amina are two sisters. She says that her father left a 10-storey house worth Rs 80 lakh as a legacy 20 years ago. The sisters were silently waiting for the brothers to distribute it themselves. The brothers sold it for four kadars each, but the sisters were given a share of the property based on its value 20 years ago. However, the portion should have been divided according to the contemporary value. The brothers usurped the share due to the sister’s ignorance or Shatir al-Maghzi.

During the Jahiliyyah era, girls were buried alive for fear that someone would share our property. This logic still exists today in one form or another. After giving a few pots in the name of dowry, it is said that now the doli has been raised from this house, if the funeral is raised from another house, that means there is no way back. Where is the wisdom of depriving a girl of her wealth due to dowry? It should be noted that dowry cannot be a substitute for the right to leave. No matter how much wealth is given to a woman in the form of dowry, the right of inheritance is not lost. A fair and balanced inheritance system should be introduced in the society. A society in which a woman gets financial security is certainly admirable. There is a strange logic in depriving a woman of her stamped legitimate part. Why should the current society on the verge of inflation do it again? The secret of the sisters is on the rise. As a result, the market of hatred between brothers and sisters is hot, when it comes to petty conflicts, women suffer from feelings of inferiority.

There is a need to eliminate obsolete customs and traditions from the society and give their rights to every entitled person. Women’s rights organizations raised their voice about their rights.

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