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The New Delhi High Court has declared women’s virginity tests unconstitutional and women’s…

New Delhi (Monitoring Desk) The High Court of the Indian capital of New Delhi declared the virginity test of women as unconstitutional, based on gender discrimination and against the dignity of women. According to India Times, this decision was pronounced by the New Delhi High Court after hearing the petition of Sister Safi, a nun of the St. Pius Convent in the state of Kerala. Sister Saifi was sentenced to life imprisonment for the murder of one of her fellow nuns, Sister Abhya.

Sister Safi was subjected to a virginity test in the murder case, on which she approached the court in 2009. Sister Abhiya’s murder took place in 1992. The crime branch had earlier declared Sister Abhiya’s murder as a case of suicide. Diya, however, was later handed over to the CBI for re-investigation on the intervention of the Kerala High Court, in which the murder of Sister Abhiya came to light.

Sister Abhiya’s murder was blamed on two priests and Sister Saifi. The investigation revealed that one morning in 1992, Sister Abhiya woke up to find Sister Safi and two priests in a questionable state. To cover up their crime, these three killed Sister Safi. During the trial, Sister Sefi took the stand that she did not have sexual relations with priests, after which she was subjected to a virginity test.

Against this test, he approached the court, on which the New Delhi High Court has given the above historic decision. It should be noted that the Kerala High Court has convicted Sister Saifi in the Abhiya murder case and sentenced her to life imprisonment, but she is on interim bail. One of the priests was acquitted by the court while the other was sentenced to life imprisonment. The priest and Sister Safi have filed appeals against the sentence, which are yet to be heard.

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