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The horror of the devastation caused by the earthquake in the Turkey-Syria border region continues with time and the death toll continues to rise.

Earthquake devastation: death toll exceeds nine thousand
Earthquake devastation: death toll exceeds nine thousand


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According to Turkey’s Emergency Management Agency (AFAD), the death toll from the earthquake has reached 6,957, while the number of injured is 38,000. It should be noted that according to various news, this number has increased to more than fifteen thousand. It has also been reported by this authority that 96 thousand aid workers are engaged in search and rescue work. They also include aid teams from other countries.

Earlier, Turkish Vice President Fuat Oktay said that the death toll from the earthquake in Turkey has reached 5,894. He further informed that the number of injured is more than 34 thousand while around 5800 buildings have collapsed in the country. In the border region of Turkey and Syria, the most powerful earthquake that occurred on Monday, February 6, was recorded at 7.8 on the Richter scale.

The death toll in Syria is over 2,000

On the other hand, the number of deaths due to this earthquake in Turkey’s neighboring country, Syria, is continuously increasing. According to the Syrian Ministry of Health and the aid organization White Helmets, the total number of deaths in government and rebel-held areas has reached 2,270.

Participating in global community relief efforts

Immediately after this earthquake, the European Union, Muslim countries and around the world began to help for relief work in Turkey and Syria. Civil engineers, military, medical personnel and search and rescue personnel are arriving in the two countries to help search for survivors in the quake-hit areas. They also have the help of specially trained dogs and other advanced equipment to help them in this work.

Not only aid teams have been sent by the European Union to these two countries, but the bloc’s Copernicus satellite system is also being used to help in emergency operations.

The United States is sending about 100 firefighters and structural engineers to Turkey to help with relief efforts. Along with them, six specially trained dogs have also been sent to Turkey to help in these relief activities.

A 50-member team was sent to Turkey yesterday by the German Civil Protection Agency (THW). The team is installing emergency generators and water purification equipment in the Kerikhan area near the Syrian border. Tents, blankets and other essential equipment are also being provided.

Pakistan has also sent emergency supplies in one plane while another flight has sent a 50-member search and rescue team to Turkey. Pakistan has also announced to start sending relief flights to Turkey and Syria on a daily basis from Wednesday.

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