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On suspicion of pregnancy, the parents and brothers killed the girl and put the body in acid

Uttar Pradesh (Web Desk) On the suspicion of pregnancy, parents and brothers killed a 21-year-old girl and put her body in acid. which was later thrown outside the village. The girl’s body was found in a canal outside the village on Tuesday.

According to Indian media, a tragic incident took place in Kaushambi, Uttar Pradesh, in which parents brutally murdered their own daughter with their two sons. According to Express News, Superintendent of Police Brijesh Kumar said that the girl’s father, Naresh, killed 3 She had filed a missing report of her daughter in the local police station in February, when the police reached her house for investigation, they found evidence of murder there.

When the police interrogated the girl’s parents, they confessed to killing their daughter by strangulation. The parents poured acid on their daughter’s body to distort its identity, their two sons Gulab and Ramesh also provided full assistance in disposing of the body.

The girl’s father, Naresh, says that his daughter used to talk to several boys on the phone. When he got the pregnancy test kits from his daughter, he was sure that she was having a physical relationship with a boy and there was a fear of getting pregnant. But he got angry and killed her. The police arrested the girl’s mother, father and two brothers on the charge of murder and registered a case.

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