Tue. May 30th, 2023

Al-Riyadh: The Public Presidency for the Affairs of Haram Sharif has started new services for senior citizens in Masjid Haram. The agency responsible for social, voluntary and humanitarian services under the auspices of the Public Presidency for the Affairs of Haram Sharif met a large number of elderly people in Masjid Haram through the Department of Elderly Affairs. Welcoming and celebrating the pilgrims at the entrances of Masjid Haram and committed to provide them with all necessary facilities, social, voluntary and humanitarian services along with new service to guide the elders and facilitate rituals.

Muhammad bin Ali Al-Jufi, director of the department responsible for elderly affairs in Masjid Haram, said that new services and facilities are being provided in Haram Makkah for the convenience and convenience of senior citizens.

Al-Jufi added that we are working together to identify needs, study them, leverage their findings, remove barriers and build complementary relationships with relevant authorities to improve the experience of Zufar Rahman. will work to enable the role of

Honorable Assistant Undersecretary for Social and Human Affairs, Mr. Umar bin Sulaiman Al-Mohammadi confirmed that the Agency for Social, Voluntary and Human Services and its related departments strive to provide all the required needs, services and programs that the Hajj and Umrah pilgrims can enjoy. And worshipers can be helped. He said that we are determined to provide all possible facilities to elderly worshipers and pilgrims so that they do not face any problem in performing rituals and worship.

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